One Million One Month (1M1M) is a bilingual initiative aiming to put a face to the one million endangered species through various means of art and social media. 1M1M is a non-profit art project started by Mexican illustrator Lore Mondragón. The aim is for people to learn about the existence of these species before they disappear, understand their characteristics and the risks these species face. We strongly believe in the idea that in order to care about something, we must first know about it. Only then, we will make a change.
We’re facing a major catastrophe in our planet: the sixth mass extinction. One million species are at risk of extinction due to human activity. There hasn’t been more pressing time than this to act. We want the world to know the faces of the million species at risk and raise awareness one species at a time.
On May 21, we will commemorate the International Endangered Species Day by launching the second round of One Million One Month, running until June 20. All artistic expressions are welcome! 
Follow the calendar below and share your work via Instagram. Upload your artwork on the corresponding day and make sure to include the hashtags so that your work has the opportunity to be showcased in our official Instagram account. 

SIZE: 1080 x 1080px
HASHTAGS: #onemilliononemonth + #1m1mvol3
2021 Calendar & Species List​​​​​​​
Below you can find the Species List and Calendar for the 1M1M volume 3 in both English and Spanish, along with the scientific name for each species. Click on the image to enlarge.​​​
Do you have any questions? We're always looking for ways to increase endangered species awareness and help conservation projects. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or e-mail us at   
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